God Help!

The recent election of the president of the United States hit me hard. In fact, I am still struggling with the outcome. I have not turned on the news. I have not listened to analysis reports. I have spent little time on social media. I am just not at acceptance yet because I am still in shock. And I think what shocks me more than electing a man of questionable character is knowing that millions of Americans chose hate and fear. Of course I am not naïve. I know hate has deep roots in this country, stemming as far back as the arrival of Christopher Columbus. And of course I know fear has been bred in this country from the beginning. But I honestly thought we, the United States of America, had made huge advances toward love, acceptance, inclusion and peace. Apparently not. Apparently there’s still lots of work to do and for me that work begins with a prayer.

God, Creator, Eternal One, Universal Spirit…

Help me!

Help me ease past the disgust, shock and sadness that has me stymied;

Help me move beyond the tears, fear and anger;

Help me remember that you are in control and what happened was sanctioned by you for a greater purpose that we know not today;

Help me remember that all is not lost, that the only way evil wins is if good people do nothing;

Give me the strength to move beyond the darkness and embrace a path that promotes all things that are “good, just, noble and right;”

Empower me with wisdom and courage, faith and hope to operate day-by-day with an open heart, an open mind and a love that surpasses hate;

Grant me peace with this outcome and above all I pray your special blessing on…

  • The white people in this country who understand our current condition is not survivable for any of us, and who are working tirelessly to end racism, sexism, colorism and white privilege;
  • All people who are poised to challenge the incoming administration by holding it accountable to the lofty ideas of our founding fathers;
  • All people who are dedicated to the attainment of civil and human rights as well as social justice for all people;
  • All people who are committed to the progress that has been made and will continue to be made;
  • Organizations and groups that are working to eradicate barriers (in all its many forms) so that all may enjoy the liberties and privileges guaranteed in our founding documents;
  • All people who understand that “none of us are free until we are all free.”

This prayer I ask in your name…Amen!

Now excuse me while I continue working on myself by listening to “Rise Up” by the talented Andra Day.


17 thoughts on “God Help!

  1. Amen comes to mind Ann. Strength in unity. And millions around the world are also trying to process this. I live in Canada and am saddened by this all. Good you haven’t been watching, it isn’t getting any prettier with the people he is choosing to be part of his ‘gang’. ❤

    • Thank you for the solidarity! I’m very sad we let the rest of the world down. Hopefully, we will all survive THIS (the administration that shall not be named). But if things get too bad, my passport is updated and I understand Canada is beautiful!!!

      • It can be. But don’t be fooled, the grass is not greener here. We have our own political satans here. 😦 And we’re taxed to death!)

      • Ahhh, thanks for sharing the “real life” view. Now that the sting is lessening, I think this will force Americans to do what other countries have done – fight for that that is right! Let the revolution begin.

  2. Ooooh Ann! I needed that prayer. I am struggling too. I know all of this in my heart, but it is so hard to get it in my head. I have to keep reinforcing the message: “…what happened was sanctioned by you for a greater purpose that we know not today.” Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thank you cuz!!! Wonderful blessed prayer. I like you, I’m still in shock! To the point that I sint want to talk to John. I don’t know when I will. He’s a supporter of trump. Keep me in prayer as I will you and all people

  4. I can’t imagine how disappointed you must be. I live in Canada and was depressed after the elections. Like you, I have a difficult time understanding that millions of Americans chose hate and fear. That is so sad for me to realize that racism is so alive. Let’s hope that the demonstrations continue, that the people keep the Trump government in line. I so admire Obama and hope he will keep his nose in what goes against American values.
    Let’s hope that respect and the joy of diversity will win.<3

    • Thank you Carol for your empathy and support. We’ll need the loving kindness of our friends up north to make it through these next four years. God help us all.

  5. I am very grateful for your still trying to give us hope and reminding us to stay “united we stand,” Ann! ❤
    I also loved Carol's viewpoint, which was including respect and joy through diversity. Amen to all of those who are sticking together and pitching in for a positive outcome in the world. ❤

      • The word “late” doesn’t exist among friends. You’re right on time. Besides, I haven’t been over to look at the Thursday doors which I absolutely love. I’ve been working late, trying to finish a work project that refuses to die. UUGGHHH!

    • Agreed! We had a discussion at bible study this weekend about “all we need is love.” That remains absolutely true but in these days and times, it doesn’t hurt to add civility, respect, inclusion and dignity as a backup to love. Some of those things seem to have gotten lost along the way. Keep the faith!

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