Thanks, Melissa!

Melissa Embry is one special lady — and writer! We met a few months ago when I conducted a writing workshop for the Mystery Writers of America, Dallas chapter.  I have been trying like the dickens to get back to a meeting because not only is the group filled with experts on how to kill people (for entertainment purposes only) and how to solve crimes (mostly on paper) but also, they know how to have great fun! And the camaraderie within the group is to die for (yes, pun intended!).

But back to Melissa…

Melissa Embry

Melissa Embry, Writer & Author


So after my talk, this young lady–Melissa–approaches my table and we have the coolest talk on her short story successes, her detour away from writing short form fiction and her eventual return to it. It was a great interaction. You know how there are some people you feel tied to even after talking to them for only five minutes? Well, Melissa’s that kind of person. Very open. Very honest. Very supportive. Very positive. Let’s see…did I leave out any verys? Oh yeah, very much a woman of her word. She told me she was going to blog about my session and lo and behold…she did.

Check out the thorough blog post she wrote and while you’re at her cyberhome, check out her background (fascinating!) and a few other posts. I promise you it’ll be well worth the extra keystrokes. Don’t forget to introduce yourself. She’s worth meeting.

Thanks, Melissa. You rock!

14 thoughts on “Thanks, Melissa!

  1. Ann. giggling at the experts on how to kill people/. Writers are so damned versatile. And we all shudder to think about our browsing history some days. great post x

    • Oh, I had so much fun with the Dallas Mystery Writers. I’ve been trying to get back to a meeting but haven’t made it yet. But I’m striving… Thanks for reading the article, for following the bouncing ball between blogging platforms, and for commenting. It’s always good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Ann it was good read about Melissa. Thank you for introducing us to authors and writers. It is good learn who they are. I read about you at her blog and it was hard to leave a comment it wouldn’t accept word press users. It was a great read and thank you for the post. Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Juli,
      Sorry for the difficulties with trying to comment. Melissa is on a different blogging platform and one can only comment using a gmail sign in. Doesn’t that stink? Thanks for skipping over and reading her thorough and for leaving me a comment. It’s been a beautiful year of meeting new people – you included. Blessings, my dear!

      • Good morning Ann. I am so happy to read from you. I didn’t know that I had to had to sign into gmail to make a comments. Since I have had this problem with lots of websites on blogspot that are good and I love them, I have never been able to do so. Thank you for letting me know. I will do that next time. Wishing you some good days!

  3. Hi Ann,
    So sorry, a lot has happened with my brother having brain surgery and lots of fifty hour work weeks. I wrote a post which will be published tomorrow (12/13/17) on the book, “Voices from the Block. . .” I’m excited as it will be my last book review for this year! Hugs, Robin
    A few authors have had time to respond to the comments as they came in, others just wrote a welcome, thanks and letting readers know about other ways to get connected or order your book! Please feel free to sell yourself. ❤

    • Awwww, you’re the best! Thank you, my dear. I feel so special that it’s your last review of the year. Thank you again for the loving support. I so appreciate your big heart. I pray your load lightens soon and that you enjoy a sparkling holiday season with your loved ones.

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