First They Came…

I started my blog six years ago. Back then, September 2012, I was adamant about focusing only on the topics of reading, writing and spirituality. I was definitely not going to write or entertain any posts on the subjects of religion, sex or politics. And for the most part I’ve been true to my mission. However, you may have noticed that I have not posted a new article since December 2017. I hear you saying, “Yeah, we noticed. What’s going on, Ann?” My answer in short…politics, one of the subjects I dearly wanted to avoid. But I no longer have that luxury. America is in crisis, and it has everything to do with the new Hitler regime that is currently in place.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

-Edmund Burke-

I consider myself a good person. I work and contribute to society. I vote and pay taxes. I observe most of the laws (okay, so I have had a few warnings about my speed) and I donate to the less fortunate. But I read, and from my readings I know that many good people allowed Hitler to rise. I know good people allowed him to threaten, destroy and kill. I recognize the evil that has befallen this country, and I refuse to be one of those good people who allows evil to persist. Therefore, for the past six months, I have concentrated my time and efforts on signing petitions, calling my elected officials, writing my representatives, and speaking out. And last but not least, praying, always praying. I must continue these efforts and even escalate them, even at the cost of neglecting my blog and the wonderful blogging community I have come to appreciate and adore. I will continue this fight until democracy is restored in America.

“First They Came” by Martin Niemoller


9 thoughts on “First They Came…

  1. Ann, you aren’t the only one who is pulled into this frightening web of the lying tRump regime. I can well understand how you find it hard to concentrate on writing. I’m Canadian and signing and fighting for you guys from this side. And the similarities to the 1930s is appalling. I’ve come across quite a few blogging friends who have felt compelled to write something about politics, heck I’ve done so myself. Us Canadians also have to worry because whatever your furher does has a ripple effect across our borders 😦 Let us remember November! Country before party – #Voteblue

  2. Hello Ann
    You wouldn’t write a better article about what is happening in the USA. Over here my anger boiled to the highest temperature. “ALIEN” – who is alien in this world? Human beings are ALIENS? Where in the world are children that are “ALIENS?” Whose child is “ALIEN?” How come Americans are calling people or human beings “Aliens?” How come they cannot see it so shameful to use such words at living beings like themselves. I go with you, and I agree with you that the first evil person who separated children from their parents were Hitler and now came the second bastard Trump who repeated history – “Did he repeat History, the bad side of History????” Of all things in the world, he knew that Hitler was evil, and he knew what he was doing. And if to say, how can a woman call herself the wife of evil doer? Plus wearing a coat “I DON’T CARE, DO YOU” – the first of all time in the history of FIRST LADIES do someone actually made it into showing how much she is still a girl from an Eastern European country, there is no westernise in her. And plus???? She is the FIRST LADY of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! No wonder why good Americans are leaving USA to better their lives and that of their children. I have never wanted to write about politics on the blog, but the situation in USA did pull up my most dangerous nerves and I cannot wait for them to lose the White House after their 4 years. I don’t care who comes in, please as long as these two evil doers walk out of there, it will definitely MAKE AMERICA GREATER AGAIN! Thank you Ann for coming back, I thought I have lost you. Take care of yourself. Juli!

    • Juli,
      On behalf of concerned and open-hearted Americans, I apologize for the distress we have caused the rest of the world. Trust me, there are millions of good folks here who are working hard to ensure it’s not another year – let alone four- of this madness. Until then – and afterward – we remain grateful for our friends and allies. Take care, good to hear from you.

  3. Ann, I, like you do not want to get political on my blog but there are certain situations that require speaking out. I wish you luck and spiritual guidance in your fight for justice, respect and democracy. Don’t worry about your blog right now. It will always be here. ❤

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