Writings & Works



A nonfiction ebooklet for writers and other creatives to help them produce and achieve. Available online through www.Smashwords.com.





Below is a list of some of my other works.


Fuller’s Curse (April 2013)

The New Kingdom (In Development)

The Final Goodbye (In Development)


The Preacher’s Wife in Bouquet, the 2000 Mother’s Day anthology by Arabesque (Sorry! You’re a bit late. All copies have been purchased, but check with a reading friend. They may let you borrow their copy.)


Truths, Lies and Other Stories of Maybe (In Development)

The Legacy Lesson featured in A Legacy of African American Literature

Sexual Healing

To Love Again


Teen Graffiti magazine

He Makes You Wanna Hollar!

Youth Speak on Barack Obama

The Inspiring Pen of David Ratcliff

Basic magazine

Spend Your Summer With Freddie!


Fuller’s Curse

The Final Goodbye


9 thoughts on “Writings & Works

  1. Hi Ann, I really love what you are doing!! I enjoyed reading your Gratitude piece….Browsing the others now…

    • Thanks for your comments. You may recognize some of the characters in the Gratitude piece. I appreciate you for making the trenches tolerable. Happy holidays.

  2. Hi Ann, I saw your mention in the SMU magazine. I’m a fellow ’85 graduate and as a freelance writer myself, I am interested in your work. I’ve yet to get that first draft of a novel down. Impressed with all that you’ve done. Look forward to reading your posts.

    • Hi Jamie! Thanks for reaching out. Always interested in hearing from fellow Mustangs. I wandered through your site and smiled at the Starbucks story. As a Starbucks junkie–loved it! So now we have one more thing in common… Keep writing! Keep loving!

    • Hi Carol,
      Don’t know what part of the country you’re living in but I hope your weather today is as beautiful as ours in Texas…finally. Just in time for the official start of spring. Thanks for checking out my blog and reaching out to me. Unfortunately, I have been quite delayed with compiling and publishing my own short story collection; however, two of my short stories are featured in “Voices from the Block: A Legacy of African-American Literature.” It’s a collection of poems, essays and short stories, original works by seven female African-American writers. It’s on Amazon for ten bucks. Thanks again for stopping by and many blessings.

      • Hi Ann-

        I’m from cold and still snowy Montreal. So the weather here is far from being Texas beautiful spring weather.
        Blogging does take up a lot of time and I have to monitor how much time I spend on it so that get down to my writing.
        I already downloaded Voices from the Block and was delighted to find in it two of your stories:)

    • Thanks, Jacqui. I enjoy genre hopping. It keeps the creative blood flowing. And you too, are quite the accomplished writer – fiction and non fiction. How great is that?!

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