Anna Larence

I fell in love with reading when I was introduced to the romance and murder mystery genres in middle school. It was quite natural that when I began my writing career in my twenties that I gravitated to those genres, specifically romance. I am fortunate that all of my romance books were published.

Below is a list and description of each romance book. At this time, my romance books are in conversion to ebook format since they are out of print in hard copy. However, if you just have to see, touch and feel the book while you’re reading (yes, I’m one of those people too), you may find one or all of my romance books on the secondary or used book market. If you find a used copy or purchase the ebook version, I hope you enjoy the read. If you already own a copy, thank you for joining me on a romantic journey.


After Hours – As vice president of a powerful Fort Worth company, Nachelle Oliver was used to running things her way. Then she met her new boss. Handsome, seductive Steven DuCloux was everything Nachelle didn’t want in a man:  he was ruthless,   demanding—and the most exciting man she had ever known. It didn’t take long for Steven to realize that in Nachelle he had the perfect VP. Her poise and sophistication convinced him she would also make the perfect wife. The trouble was Nachelle insisted on keeping things between them strictly professional. But Steven was determined to succeed in business and in love. How could he have known that Nachelle’s passion would take him beyond his most thrilling fantasies with kisses that tasted of happily-ever-after.

Second Time Around – It was the opportunity Olivia Johnson had waited for:  completing her agricultural research project on a fabulous 3,000-acre Alabama farm—and finally earning her Ph.D. So why was she dreading it? Because of all the farms in Tuskegee, this one happened to be owned by the one man Olivia couldn’t bring herself to face—her estranged husband John-Michael…the man she’d left three years before…the man she was afraid to love again. From the moment John-Michael saw Olivia again, a flood of memories returned—making everything seem like yesterday. The joys of their idealistic young love—and the regrets:  his consuming devotion to building a farm…and Olivia’s need to pursue her own career. Now here they were, together again, having finally achieved what they’d set out to do. Maybe the time was right to recapture what they’d once shared…to make old dreams new again.

Love Everlasting – Vivacious Heather Chadwick had it all:  beauty, a rewarding career, and a NBA player for a boyfriend. Funny thing was, she didn’t care so much. She would’ve been satisfied with a simple life unlike her extravagant, social-climbing mother who had married wealthy, affluent men not once, but seven times. Deep-down, Heather was ashamed and had made a promise to herself that she would never follow in her mother’s steps—even if it meant standing up superstar fiancé’ Gerald at the altar. Sweet and dependable Gerald was crushed by Heather’s outrageous stunt. And when Heather finally realizes she’s made a very big mistake, she may be too late to fix it. But she is determined to win back the one man who made her happy—and the only one who ever truly loved her.

Bouquet, The Preacher’s Wife – After years in a marriage-of-duty, Cynthia Thomason, a warmhearted widow is certain her own time for romance is long past. But when she tries to play matchmaker for the town’s handsome young preacher, she soon earns a chance at a new life and love.

Give and Take – With a budding career as a buyer for a full-figured woman’s boutique, a sprawling house in a posh suburb, and a handsome husband and wonderful son, Yvette Williams had achieved the American dream. Only one thing was missing from her perfect world—a second child. And with her biological clock ticking, Yvette knew she had to get pregnant soon—with or without her husband’s consent. Derrick Williams believed if he played by the rules, he would succeed. So when he discovered that his wife intentionally got pregnant even though they’d agreed to wait, his carefully laid plans for greater financial security went up in smoke. How could the woman he loved have betrayed him this way? Maybe it was time to break the rules…and his sexy new boss might just be the one to help him do it. Now as Derrick and Yvette search their souls for answers about their marriage, Derrick must choose between surrendering to temptation and staying true to the love of his life. Give and Take was awarded the Romantic Times June 2000 Top Picks award in the Multicultural Romance category. It was also nominated for Romantic Times Best Multicultural Romance of the Year – 2000.


6 thoughts on “Anna Larence

  1. Congrats my friend. This has been a long time coming. May the blessings from God rain down on you.

  2. Well done Anne. I have to copy all these titles and find a way to get them. I truly wants to read all of your titles. I am eager and exciting to having them at hand. My search starts right now! Thank you for letting us know!

    • You’re so welcome and I so appreciate your support. I have four books that are currently available as ebooks so you don’t have to worry about postage. The great thing about ebooks is you can download them to any device – computer, reading device, phone, etc. The four titles that are electronic are: Fuller’s Curse, Lyrical Darkness and Voices from the Block (volumes one and two). Thanks, Juli, you are a queen among princesses.

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