Loving Lady Lazuli – A Book Review

I do most of my reading in the early morning hours between two and four a.m. So since I’m sacrificing valuable sleep to engage in my absolute favorite pastime – reading – I want to make sure the book is really, really good. And I’m happy to share I’ve only had a few misses. Most of the stories I’ve read this year have been great, enjoyable, recommendable. As is the case with Loving Lady Lazuli by Shehanne Moore.


When you have a story where the heroine has a wicked background and the hero, too, there are soooooo many interesting ways the story can work itself out. So many interesting ways for the characters to grow and change…or not. So many interesting ways to put a nice, red bow on the ending. And that’s exactly what Moore has done: created an interesting story that is ripe with potential and the fulfillment of expectation; one that doesn’t disappoint.

Page three puts the main characters—Devorlane Hawley and Sapphire—in a forced encounter, which we quickly learn is not a first for them. Their attraction is rekindled immediately, and readers, hold on to your e-readers because it goes fast from there. In the next few hundred pages, there’s lies, sex, betrayal, bloodshed, sex, conditions, misunderstandings, sex and finally, love (breathy sigh!).

I won’t spoil your enjoyment by sharing story details but I do want to point out that this is a historical fiction novel. Moore expertly blends English customs, various dialects, and factual points of history into the telling of the tale. All combined, it adds even more depth to a story pregnant with strong story conflict, a cast of savory and unsavory secondary characters, humor, and an ending to please.

You’ll be glad you read this one and here’s an additional bonus (drum roll!)…it’s book one in the London Jewel Thieves series. That means there are more gems (characters and books) to come.

Loving Lady Lazuli is a creatively-thrilling and engaging read. I hope you’ll join me on this wickedly jeweled reading adventure.

To learn more about Moore and additional titles she’s written, click here.

Happy reading and happy holidays!

16 thoughts on “Loving Lady Lazuli – A Book Review

  1. Oh ,my lord, the kindness of strangers indeed. Ann I’m gobsmacked. Truly, this is a perfect end to the weekend which has been nicely full of family things. You are one kind kind lady. Thank you Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Gobsmacked?! A new word for me which I plan to steal. See…one other thing I’ve learned from you and the dudes. Vocabulary building 101. Thank you and happy holidays. May the enjoyment of family continue.

  2. What a fantastic review Ann! This book awaits me on my reader and now you only increase my anticipation to get to it. And anyway, who doesn’t love Shey! ❤

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    • Thanks, Shey, for sharing the post. Readers can also check out my review at Amazon and Goodreads. No time like Christmas to spread good cheer…and good reading!

  4. How wonderful to learn that Shehanne’s book is so enticing! I did enjoy reading her book The Viking and The Courtesan ~ Thanks for the thoughtful review and for supporting such a talented author 🙂

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