Summer Reading Underway

Summer Reading 2017

It’s summer! A belated, yet no less warm (no pun intended) welcome to a more relaxed time, a time when reading figures more prominently in the schedule. At least for me it does and I attribute that to a lighter work load, but mostly to that glorious week called summer vacation. During that wonderful week of disconnecting from the daily grind of life, I have been known to finish up to three books (mostly fiction, 300 pages or less). So in anticipation of my summer vacation (and the reading I’ll do before and after that), I compiled my reading list, ordered my books, and have them neatly stacked, waiting on me. Take a look below at my “goodies” and let me know how your list compares. I’m always on the lookout for great reads (thanks Shamira for last year’s referral!).

Ann’s Summer Reading List – 2017

The Island of Lost Children by Kim Batchelor – A tale that reimagines (who introduced this word into our current language?) the friendship between Peter Pan, the lovable boy who flies and Wendy, the lovable girl who cherishes books. A favorite for adults and children!

The Roux in the Gumbo by Kim Robinson – A multi-generational family saga that traces the lineage of a Louisiana family from slavery to present day. Reminiscent of “Roots” and “Cane River,” it is a long read but quite entertaining.

The Writer and the Rake by Shehanne Moore – A love story that is no doubt all the title promises it to be. A time-traveling, wanna-be bestselling author changes a gentleman of dubious character into a hero. Or does she? Hmmmm, I already feel heat rising from this one.

Shadow of the Final Storm by Carol Craver – This is a story of family intrigue narrated by a ghost. Yes, a ghost! Think “The Lovely Bones” and you’re almost there. There’s no time like summer to prepare for Halloween!

Letters to Yeyito by Paquito d’Rivera – As a nod to my upcoming vacation locale, I am anxious to read about one of Cuba’s most legendary musician, Paquito d’Rivera. In this abbreviated memoir, he writes about music, career, expulsion from Cuba and life in America. I have a feeling this one is going to be a keepsake.

American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar – To get a jump on my fall reading, I’ll finish my summer reading with our book group’s selection for September. This book tells the story of a Pakistani boy growing up in America with struggles that center around identity and religion.

So again, how does your summer reading list compare? What other titles would you recommend?

Happy summer! Happy reading!

PS: During the time it took to create and post this entry, I finished the first two books on my reading list. Please check Amazon and Goodreads for the reviews I wrote about the books.

15 thoughts on “Summer Reading Underway

  1. Oh my lord Ann, it is lovely to see you again and that is nothing to do with a certain book being on your list. Oor summer is all rain so even the word summer is a joke here. Just nice to see you back. Missed your posts xxxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you Shey! I’ve missed you too. I plan to spend the next few days and weekend catching up with you via your posts. My mom had a health issue that took a while to resolve, but she’s 100% again so my “rainy” season is over. Sorry yours continues but at least that’s the perfect weather for reading. And speaking of reading, I’ll write a review once I’ve finished “The Writer and the Rake.” I am so looking forward to reading it. Love its cover.

  2. Nice to see you Ann. Glad you’re enjoying your summer vacation. I’m slaving away on a next book so all my reading time is stolen late at night. But currently reading Tina Frisco’s – Vampyrie and loving it. BTW it’s on FREE promo right now til tomorrow! And lovely to see Shehanne’s book on your reading list. 🙂 Enjoy the heat, summer seems to have missed us this year, but plenty of rain. 🙂 x

  3. Rainy for you too?! Shey is experiencing the same. I’m very glad to read you’re working on another book. I enjoyed “Words We Carry,” but can’t remember if I told you I wrote a review under my review name – AF. I think I posted it on Amazon and Goodreads. I’ll bid you “so long” for now so I can grab Tina’s book on promo. I’ll be poking around your site this weekend to catch up on what I’ve missed. Happy writing!

  4. Ann, I wrote a long comment but lost it. Anyway I am proud of the good things you have done with your life. I always enjoy hearing from you. I look at you picture and wonder where have all the years gone. Love, Marion

    • Marion, it is always good to hear from you. I understand what you mean about the years flying by. I can’t believe Monte and I are celebrating a milestone birthday this year. I hope you were able to visit with Ms. Melody this summer. Gosh, I bet she’s quite the smart, young lady. I hope the rest of the family is doing fine. We are all better now. Mom gave us a scare this summer but after six weeks of doctors appointments, tests and medicine runs, we got her situated. She is back at 100%. You take care and I’ll write more later. Many blessings.

  5. Hello Ann, sorry for being late. I did not check my reader for almost three weeks since I had some tough days and busy with all four corners of my world. But slowly slowly it’s been done most of them. I am happy that you are enjoying or have enjoyed your summer holidays, and not forgetting about the books. Reading is great. I have managed to fix myself and I am now having time to read some few pages every single day. My book that I am reading is about “Macey a 15 year old girl who is on an adventure to gather the story of the fire that happened 40 years ago on the other side of the road where her grandmother lives. Macey is only 15 years old.” So exciting!

    After Macey, I need to embark upon “Disgraced” – forced to marry a stranger, betrayed by her own family and sold her body to survive.”

    I just cannot wait to reach for the author “Rebecca Shaw” the story is about “The New Rector” – as Peter and his wife Caroline are introduced to the village. Peter is the new rector. He is young, vigorous and very handsome. The problems of the village become his concern and one in particular as the newly widowed Suzy Meadows turns to him for comfort. –

    I just cannot wait to read about the “The New Rector.”

    Well I am happy to have read about what you have been up to. Have a lovely weekend.

    • Hi Juli, you have quite the interesting reading list. I’m glad life slowed down for you to enjoy your reads. “The New Rector” sounds similar to a TV show that I really enjoy titled, “Grantchester on Manchester.” It’s about a rector who is deeply embedded in the town he serves and the interesting characters who populate the little town. I also enjoy Jan Karon’s Mitford series, about a rector, Father Time, who serves his small town in the most unusual ways. If you run across one of her books, buy it. I know you’ll enjoy it. Have a fun summer of reading.

      • Thank you Ann for your response. I will look for the author and title and I am sure we have them at Amazon or I will check at our Waterstone down my little own. I hope you will have a relaxing weekend! Take care now.

    • Thanks, Jacqui, and I look forward to reading “24 Days,” which I’ve placed on my fall reading list. I love a good thriller and this sounds like an entertaining one. I’ll be sure and share my thoughts on it and the other books I read. I don’t always write a book review but that doesn’t mean I’m short of an opinion. 🙂 Have a fun summer of reading.

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