New (to me) Author Profile

It’s always exciting to meet a new author (new to me anyway) who lives in my vicinity and writes in the same genre (well, almost) as I do. Now you can meet him too…

James Reid

James Reid, Author

I met James Reid through a local writers group – the Writers Guild of Texas, where we are both members. I didn’t know initially we were in the same group because I don’t attend every meeting even though I should given the interesting and educational workshops they conduct. So when I finally attended a meeting (ah-hem!) and met James, we chatted and decided the value of a good writers group is well, invaluable. James followed up our brief discussion of “the value of a good writers group” with a blog post that I found wonderfully affirming.

Please take a moment to cyber-travel to his site and read what he has to say. And when you’re done, hyperlink to Amazon and check out his five-star rated murder mystery, Monsters Behind the Gates. I read it and wow!, two thumbs up.

22 thoughts on “New (to me) Author Profile

  1. So wonderful that you connected with a fellow author close to home Ann. I really need to start getting out and meeting other authors live. I am heading off to visit James’ page. 🙂 x

    • The critique group I meet with came together offline. We happened to attend some of the same “live” writing events and formed our little group as a result. It’s been a good move so I highly recommend offline. But I also find just as much pleasure and value with online writers, writing podcasts and virtual writing conferences. Live or in cyberspace – it’s all good!

    • They’re wonderful, Carol! Great speakers, good content, professional focus. Well worth the annual dues and the extended drive. I just wish I could make more of the meetings but alas, life is so fluid, but that’s what makes it interesting. Have a beautiful Fall!

  2. Ann, I am glad to hear of this new author and am a big murder/mayhem/mystery book reader!
    Thanks for sharing James Reid and “Monsters Behind the Gates.”
    On a different part of writing, I know I should possibly know the answer to this question but on Amazon there was a workshop type of book and then, I was wondering if You, Ann, wrote part of the collection of writing in the “Voices” book you featured summer guests from? Please let me know since I am planning on buying only one more book and would like to have one with your writing. Maybe inspirational writing. . . ? Thanks from Robin xo 💐

    • Robin, I am answering your question very late as I read you already bought the book. “Voices” is indeed a collection I am featured in. I have two short stories in “Voices” and appreciate your support. I value your comments and am looking forward to reading your thoughts. Sorry for the delay in responding but in three days our major fundraiser at work will be over and life returns to normal – thank God!

  3. Ann, I did manage to order, pay and have the collaboration book delvered in time for my November 1, 2017 post with four other books laid out on my Fall comforter. I wrote that the lucky 5 will each have their own separate review as I intend to have 5 Tuesday’s with book reviews. I think you dropped by during my summer book series. . . Hope you see this and get a chance to see your book I selected to join some friends of mine! hugs xo 💐 🍁

    • Robin,
      You are amazing! Thank you so much for the loving support. I am so grateful! I hope the Fall has been good to you thus far and that you’re capturing beautiful images and memories during this never-lived-moment of life. Sending you much love and heading over to your site to see that Fall comforter, among other things…smile!

  4. Hi Ann, good morning from Europe! Been thinking of you. Thank you for introducing us to another writer/author and I will go check his book at amazon. It is great knowing there are good writers and authors out there. Blogging is bringing them all to us. Well girl, have a wonderful weekend and let’s hope to hear from you soon! Take care.

    • Juli! Happy belated birthday! Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment. It is always good to hear from you. I have reserved most of today – Sunday – to indulge in one of my favorite desires, visiting blogs of friends. Heading your way soon…it’s been a great weekend. Blessings.

      • Hi Ann, thank you for visiting me. been thinking of you a lot and I know you are busy like we all are, what a life and such is life. I just finished cleaning the whole stuffs after Sunday cooking. I love to wake up in a clean kitchen to do a hot cuppa in the morning. Here the weather is cold and Halloween over, and Christmas ideas is rotating everyone’s mind. Sooner we will be reading Christmas blogging haha! Well take care of yourself. All the best.

    • Hi Mihran,
      This year has been full of so many wonderful opportunities to meet new writers and re-connect with previous writers I’d lost touch with. I was at a writers’ conference in May in Dallas and a lady walked up to me and said she knew me. Well, we figured out we’d met through another writer who lives in the Bahamas. From the Bahamas to the East Coast of America to Dallas…the writers’ world is as large or as small as we want it to be. So glad our writing worlds bumped. Be blessed!

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