New (to me) Author Profile

It’s always exciting to meet a new author (new to me anyway) who lives in my vicinity and writes in the same genre (well, almost) as I do. Now you can meet him too…

James Reid

James Reid, Author

I met James Reid through a local writers group – the Writers Guild of Texas, where we are both members. I didn’t know initially we were in the same group because I don’t attend every meeting even though I should given the interesting and educational workshops they conduct. So when I finally attended a meeting (ah-hem!) and met James, we chatted and decided the value of a good writers group is well, invaluable. James followed up our brief discussion of “the value of a good writers group” with a blog post that I found wonderfully affirming.

Please take a moment to cyber-travel to his site and read what he has to say. And when you’re done, hyperlink to Amazon and check out his five-star rated murder mystery, Monsters Behind the Gates. I read it and wow!, two thumbs up.

11 thoughts on “New (to me) Author Profile

  1. So wonderful that you connected with a fellow author close to home Ann. I really need to start getting out and meeting other authors live. I am heading off to visit James’ page. 🙂 x

    • The critique group I meet with came together offline. We happened to attend some of the same “live” writing events and formed our little group as a result. It’s been a good move so I highly recommend offline. But I also find just as much pleasure and value with online writers, writing podcasts and virtual writing conferences. Live or in cyberspace – it’s all good!

      • Thanks Ann. It’s great to commune with fellow writers, and extra special when we make those connections with liked minded others. 🙂

  2. Ann, I am glad to hear of this new author and am a big murder/mayhem/mystery book reader!
    Thanks for sharing James Reid and “Monsters Behind the Gates.”
    On a different part of writing, I know I should possibly know the answer to this question but on Amazon there was a workshop type of book and then, I was wondering if You, Ann, wrote part of the collection of writing in the “Voices” book you featured summer guests from? Please let me know since I am planning on buying only one more book and would like to have one with your writing. Maybe inspirational writing. . . ? Thanks from Robin xo 💐

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