And the Women Keep Coming

Today reflects the third installment of highlighting women writers during Women’s History Month (March).

Today I introduce you to one of the most diverse women writers I know…Sharron Pete. Sharron is not only a great short story writer but also an accomplished article writer and novelist. In essence, she writes well in either long or short form.

Sharron, along with six other talented women writers, is one of the featured contributors in the recently released Voices from the Block:  A Legacy of African-American Literature, a compilation book of poems, essays and short stories written by some of the most prolific members of the Writer’s Block.

Read on to meet this talented young lady…

Sharron Pete

When did you know you wanted to write? 

Since I was a child, I have always written stories and poems. I’ve always loved to read and I enjoy the aspect of developing characters that others can enjoy. I began to write more seriously (i.e., entering contests, submitting articles) as an adult when I was searching for a way to explore my creative side.

What was your first written work?

The first thing I ever wrote for public consumption was a short piece about my travels overseas and how it deepened my relationship (and dependence) on God. I wrote it in response to a weekly challenge contest sponsored by

What is your inspiration for writing? Or, where do you get your ideas for your stories, poems, etc. 

I see myself as a writer whose main objective is to help spread the word of God to others. Not through a preachy, hit-you-over-the-head message but instead through flawed characters and everyday life experiences (big and small) that we can all relate to.

What are you currently working on? 

Currently I am revamping my blog. I have a passion for helping others see how God works in their everyday lives and my blog (still very much under construction) aims to do this. I’m also exploring the world of freelance in small bite-sized pieces as I manage my typical day-to-day obligations.

3 thoughts on “And the Women Keep Coming

  1. Sharron, so glad you have a blog in progress. I will have to come back and link up, read your posts. My blog has had many transitions, but mainly my byline is my motivation: “Relationships reveal our hearts.” It may not sound like faith is in this but I have featured many faiths and journeys in my five years of blogging. Best wishes for your blog and your short and extended stories!
    Ann, this is a wonderful series which has a trio (counting you~ a quartet!) of fine writers. Thanks for featuring guests and will come back soon, dear. Smiles, Robin xo

    • Thanks, Robin, for the meaningful comments. I was glad to read your sentence about how your blog has undergone transitions and that you’ve been blogging for five years. I’ve been reluctant to make changes to my blog but this September will mark five years for my blog. I think it’s time for a change. I especially like the fact that you remain true to your motivation regardless of the changes you make. That’s a good standard to abide by. Much continued fun blogging!

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