Behold my Poetry Giants

Where did April go?

Seems like it just started and we were looking forward to a full month of National Poetry Month events. And now, there’s only a few days left in the month and all of the events have wrapped up (which were all wonderful, by the way). So I guess that means it is time to add my farewell to National Poetry Month.

I thought it appropriate to end the celebration by sharing my list of Poetry Giants. My who? you may be asking. My Poetry Giants. These are the poets who I love, who I read over and over. My Poetry Giants strengthen and encourage me; their words lift me and soothe my soul. Their works communicate my thoughts, dreams, beliefs and wishes in succinct, rhyming and sometimes non-rhyming verse. These are the poets I owe a debt to and I pay them gladly by creating my own literary works.

So now that you know this much, let me share the rest by listing their names. They are:

Langston Hughes

Martha Switzer

Langston Hughes

Venson Fields

Langston Hughes

Pam Fields

Langston Hughes

Ruth Stewart

Langston Hughes

Gary L. Hawthorne

and of course, Langston Hughes

I know that I’ll be reading (and in some cases re-reading) these poets’ words over the next 365 days, until the next National Poetry Month, and even beyond that. But I also look forward to being introduced to the works of other poets–new and established. Ohhh, it’s going to be a delicious year of verse!

So tell me…what Poetry Giant(s) will you be reading for the next 365? Who is/are your Poetry Giant(s)?

8 thoughts on “Behold my Poetry Giants

  1. Ann, just so you know. I had planned to come on Friday to the poetry reading. I laid down for a nap and woke up around 11pm…the week caught up with me. I pray you are well. I hope you guys do this again, all the best to you, Kenna.

    • Been there; done that, Kenna! I think the sleep monster has claimed many of us. But to my thinking, that was just your body’s way of saying “I need rest.” Don’t sweat it. There’s always next year. The event was amazing! Standing room only with some great poetry shared. We’ll see you at the next “Poetry Out Loud” and hope you bring some of your poems to share.

  2. You are my poetry giant!!!! Love to read your words. They are not just words that one reads but they are words that are visualized! Thank you for sharing the reading and seeing of your creative mind!
    Love you

    • Thanks Rae! What lovely words from a lovely person. I know there are inspiring words in your mind; hopefully you’ll commit them to paper and plan to share at next year’s poetry readings… Big Hint!

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