It’s Official…Lyrical Darkness

I am so excited!!!

Today, Lyrical Darkness, an anthology of short stories based on songs which have dark lyrics, is available for pre-order. I’ve had other book releases (2014 – Voices from the Block & 2013 – Fuller’s Curse) so why am I even more excited about this book? Because Lyrical Darkness is my first attempt to create a story from a song.

When Donnie Light, the publisher of Lyrical Darkness contacted me about participating in this anthology, I of course said yes, yes, yes, but I was very nervous. I had never created a story from a song before. My previous stories were all culled from life experiences, inspiration and imagination; they were never so intentional.

To make it easier for us, Donnie allowed us to select our own song and he put a 10,000 word limit on the stories. The ten  contributing authors, all paranormal writers, scurried to find the right dark song that would generate 10,000 words, a plot and characters. And our work continued at a feverish pace through the holidays to meet the February 2015 deadline.

Below is the cover for Lyrical Darkness. Beyond this inviting cover are eleven dark short stories based on disturbing song lyrics; samples of which include “Angie Baby,” “Hotel California,” “Smooth Criminal,” and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (this is the song I chose, click here to listen). I am proud to be a part of this collection and I hope you will read our take on these songs. May I suggest a visit to YouTube before or after reading so you can compare the story to the song?

You can order the ebook today and the print/paperback version will be available June 15th.lryical_SMALL

Thanks for being part of this journey with me and oh, by the way, happy Black Music Month (June)!

10 thoughts on “It’s Official…Lyrical Darkness

  1. Wonderful news Ann! I hit the link for my copy and can’t wait to get my download on 6/15! Congratulations!



    • Thanks, Shehanne! When Donnie approached me about this project I said yes before he’d finished laying out the particulars. As a writer yourself, I’m sure you’ve experienced that flutter in the stomach feeling that signals green light, go…well, that’s what happened. I am excited about this book and thank you for your excitement too. Have a great week!

  2. Wooo-hoooo!!!!! Congrats Ann! I’m so out of touch that I had not idea you were working away on this gem. I’m scary, but lately I’ve ventured out and read a couple of other paranormal books. I can’t wait for your’s to be delivered to my Kindle later this month!

    • I wouldn’t say out of touch just focused on your next work which I can’t wait to read. Thanks for the support and I don’t think my offering is that scary. It’s more an emotional character study but I’ll let you be the judge. Thanks for buying. I am grateful.

    • Oh, thank you Carol, for your supportive words. I feel very blessed to have been asked to participate in this project. It allowed me to stretch as a writer. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity that God delivers. Take care and happy writing.

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