In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

martin-luther-king_tcm7-122217This three-day weekend marks the recognition of one of America’s great leaders, a humble man who led Americans–black and white–out of darkness and into light, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Like many, I honor this man for selflessly giving his all, including his life, for the humane treatment of African-Americans. I can think of no better way to show my appreciation for the sacrifices he and others involved in the Civil Rights Movement made than to live my life on purpose, to dream big, to achieve big. I can do no less than to continue to fight for those less fortunate, than to vote, than to point out and eradicate injustice and inequality in my sphere of influence.

With much gratitude to this man of God for bravely treading the path of righteousness, I share with you one of Dr. King’s many prolific speeches, a speech given to the American Psychological Association on September 1, 1967.

10 thoughts on “In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  1. In “treading the path of righteousness” and for his “fight or the humane treatment of African-Americans” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a true luminary hero. I commend your way, Ann, of showing appreciation to this great man and I have no doubt that you will succeed. America needs more people like you fighting for justice.

  2. Hello and happy new year. I pray all is well with you and your family.

    Did you know that our book club sister Darlene Ramsey Green passed away? She was buried almost two weeks ago.

    I was deeply saddened. I didn’t find out until the other day.

    Jan Hollins

    • Hey Jan,
      A thousand apologies for the loooong delay in responding. I, too, heard about Darlene. I was broken-hearted. I sent a notice to WBI members but few remembered her, but we have so many new members, I wasn’t surprised. Prayers for her sons and grandchildren continue to go up. Take care. I still admire my SOA resolution. Thank you!
      Sister Nsaa

    • Hi Shay,
      I do apologize for the long delay in responding. An explanation post forthcoming. Hoping all is well in Shay-world. See you ’round the blogging world and thanks for the comment on MLK. Keeping the dream alive.

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    • Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. Thank you for reading and commenting, and thanks for the reminder about “The Long Walk Home.” Truly a memorable film.

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