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Fullers Curse Front Cover Promo

Title:  Fuller’s Curse

Publisher:  A New Thing Publishing

Fuller’s Curse is a paranormal/supernatural story about Deborah Fuller-King, a bored homemaker who finds new purpose for her life when she adopts her daughter’s school project—completing the Fuller family tree. In search of her roots, she travels to Partway, Texas where in the 1860’s Charles Fuller, a newly-freed African-American slave, founded Partway, which was originally named Fullertown. There, her genealogical research reveals terrifying information about her family—part fact, part legend. While delving into the facts, hoping to disprove the legend of the BlackHeart, family members begin to die horrible deaths. Alarmed and frightened, Deborah turns to the one person who knows everything about the family…Mattie Fuller.

Ninety-something-year-old Mattie knows the answers that Deborah seeks, but she’s not ready to share her knowledge with Deborah. Not yet. She could tell Deborah all about the curse that shadows their family, but to share the information would unleash a hellstorm that would destroy the entire Fuller clan. Instead, Mattie confides the only thing that can be done to save the Fullers—a sacrifice so complete that it would free not only the Fullers, but other cursed families.

Does Deborah have the courage to complete the saving act and thereby end the Fuller’s curse?

Fuller’s Curse is available through the following etailers and bookstores (physical):
Barnes and Noble
Books A Million
and more.


Title:  Lyrical Darkness

Publisher:  Donnie Light

Eleven dark fiction short stories inspired by some of the greatest songs of all time. Enjoy tales based on Angie Baby, Hotel California, Smooth Criminal, The Devil Went Down to Georgia and more. Songs that are not only familiar chart-busters but also steeped in imaginative details and haunting lyrics. Ten different paranormal/supernatural writers share their literary take on these modern classics. Guaranteed you’ll never listen to these songs the same way.

Lyrical Darkness is available at Simply follow the link.

WBI Anthology Ecover 2013

Title:  Voices from the Block:  A Legacy of African-American Literature

Publisher:  Writer’s Block Publishing Company

A collection of unforgettable short stories, poems and essays from emerging and established writers, members of the Writer’s Block. These original works are guaranteed to stroke your heart, mind and soul as they reveal in written form the very essence of life. Prepare to read about the ups and downs of marriage, the emotional trauma of being without child, the questionable mental state of writers, the regrets of murderous decisions, mother-daughter life patterns and so much more. While reading this collection, you’ll laugh, learn, cry; you’ll be offended and soothed. In summary, you’ll scale the range of light and dark emotions. Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Voices from the Dark is available at the following etailers and bookstores:


Barnes and Noble

Or…come see me at the following events. I’ll have books on hand.

“Meet the Authors & Illustrators”

The Colony Public Library

6800 Main Street, The Colony, Texas

Saturday, September 26, 2015

1 – 4 p.m.

Paranormal Writers Book Event

Weatherford, Texas

Saturday, October 3, 2015

1 – 5 p. m.

“Campfire Stories with the Ghost Scribes”

Lucky Dog Books

911 W. Jefferson, Dallas, Texas

Friday, October 30, 2015

7 – 10 p. m.

“Pour, Drink, Listen: A Ghost Scribes Halloween”

Absinthe Lounge

1701 S. Lamar, Dallas, Texas

Saturday, October 31, 2015

6 – 9 p. m.

Guided Intuition Fair

Bedford, Texas

Sunday, November 8, 2015

11 a. m. – 8 p. m.


6 thoughts on “Recent Release(s)

  1. ooh I just clicked on your recent releases and found out about your book. I want to read it. It is not available in the UK. They have them in the USA, but postage kills much more than buying the book. I will try to find it somehow. Thank your for letting us know.

    • You are so welcome! I am planning to convert older books to ebooks and audiobooks so that postage is not a factor. However the going has been sloooooww! Thanks for your interest, Juli, I apprecaite you browsing my site and look forward to sliding over to yours for more beauty and love.

      • Thank you Ann. It is past 2 am here and I am awake with a cup of coffee then I am going back to bed. I wanted to only put a post on my blog which I did. I am happy I found the categories on your blog that I oversaw for all the while. I am so sorry but now I know where to look from time to time. Thank you so much. Cheers”

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