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Blue Zones & the Power of Nine

In 2008, author Dan Buettner introduced the world to the Blue Zones, five pockets of civilization where people live for really long times, longer than most.

The Blue Zones are:

Ikaria, Greece

Loma Linda, California

Sardinia, Italy

Okinawa, Japan

and Nicoya, Costa Rica

In Buettner’s research, which was facilitated by National Geographic, he sought reasons why people in these areas live up to ten times longer than people elsewhere. Out of that research he came up with the “Power of 9,” nine characteristics these communities share that lead them to live long, healthy lives.

I looked up the Power of 9 because I had a scare recently, two scares really. A cousin was rushed to emergency and was told her kidneys were only operating at 10%. She is now on dialysis. And, I was recently told that my kidneys were trying to lock on me. I was drinking water but not nearly enough and I was ingesting too much sugar. My body was not happy about this neglect.

So now I am drinking more water and ignoring the siren call of ice cream, but with these improvements I was curious about what else I could do to improve my longevity and health. After all, I have many more books to write and many more stories to tell so I need to live as long as possible. Additionally, as a writer, I need the use of my hands, the creativity of my mind, the connectivity of my soul to Spirit to carry out my life’s work. So I perused the Power of 9 and you can too. Just click on the link below or keep reading.



1. Create an environment where you move without having to think about or plan for it.

2. Know your purpose. Know why you get out of bed every day.

3. Shed stress as much as possible.

4. Control your eating.

5. Eat healthy:  beans, fruit, less meat, avoid processed food, drink water.

6. Wine is fine. Drinkers outlive non-drinkers when the drinking is done socially. (I promise I didn’t make this one up.)

7. Faith-based living, attending faith services (regardless of denomination) is crucial.

8. Family first; keep grandparents, grandchildren, other loved ones near.

9. Surround yourself with people who promote healthy behaviors.