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Halloween Reading

In about three weeks, one of my favorite holidays occurs–Halloween. Naturally, it’s a favorite because I am a paranormal/supernatural writer. Naturally, it’s a favorite because I am a paranormal/supernatural reader. So considering all this, I thought it appropriate, not to mention fun, to feature a paranormal book this week. I choose…


Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I

by Charles F. French

The paranormal/supernatural genre chose me through weird circumstances so I am always curious how other authors fell into this particular genre. I posed this question to Charles and his response is below. I hope you find it as revealing and interesting as I did.

Why I Write Horror, Paranormal, and Speculative Fictioncharles-french-maledicustee

“I am Charles F. French, a writer of speculative fiction, including horror, paranormal, and young adult fiction. I have had an interest in the genres of Gothic, horror, and science-fiction since I was a youngster. As a young teen, I read Dracula by Bram Stoker and The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, and these books immediately appealed to my youthful imagination.

I continued reading works in these genres throughout my life, including in my academic studies, as well as for pleasure. Now I teach some of these books in various courses as an adjunct professor at Muhlenberg College and Lehigh University.

One of the great strengths of books in these genres is that their authors are able to make social critiques about their real worlds but offer them as metaphor in the fictional environment. The plots capture the readers’ attention but then often go deeper into discussions of life and societal concerns. Mary Shelley, in Frankenstein, deals with such issues as limits of scientific research, abandonment of children, the position of women in the 19th Century, and justice/injustice.

While I am not placing my writing on the level of Mary Shelley, I hope that I both create a compelling story and also include important themes. It is in the writing of speculative fiction that I can work simultaneously on both creating interesting plot and characters but also speak to matters that I find important about the world. But always, story comes first. If the piece is not interesting, if I lose the reader, then nothing else will succeed.

I believe that in Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I, I have created a novel that will capture the readers’ interest and imagination and also aid them in considering important thematic issues.”

I am in total agreement with Charles’ thoughts on writing and reading paranormal/supernatural fiction, and am pleased to feature his book. If it’s been a while since you’ve indulged in a paranormal read I can think of no better time than now, what with Charles’ new book and Halloween. Click here to purchase your copy. Go on, I dare you!

Sisters of Adinkra Book Club

The Sisters of Adinkra Book Club is hosting “Dinner and Conversation with Author, Ann Fields” on Saturday, August 24th from 2 pm to 5 pm at Pappadeaux Seafood restaurant (800 East Highway 67, Duncanville, TX 75137). If you’re free that afternoon, come on out and join the fun! It’s open to all.

I love spending time with all book clubs but the Sisters of Adinkra in particular because we have a shared history. They formed as a book club in the 1990s, which is around the time I started my romance writing career. In fact, I received one of my first five-star ratings from them. Of course, the five-star rating is not the only reason I adore this group. We’ve been on cruises together, hosted a conference together, worked on literary projects together… The list goes on and on and shows why I am so thrilled to spend time with them next weekend.

A BIG hug and kiss to each member of Sisters of Adinkra for their loveliness and for selecting me and “Fuller’s Curse” as the featured author and book for this event.

So come join us! You’ll want to meet them, enjoy some great food, play some unusual games, and receive a complimentary gift. I promise you’ll have a great time!

Register at:  Ann Booksigning and Appearances SOA Flyer August 2013.