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Full Moon Report #1

What the heck is going on? For the last two weeks, I have been pummeled by technology/electronics failures, miscommunication, operational blips, the inability to speak or write clearly, and physical discomfort. Some days were so bad, I felt like crawling into bed and taking a long nap from life.

But, not possible. I have far too many obligations; too many responsibilities; too many deadlines and way too many upcoming projects/events to escape. So instead of pulling the covers over my head, curling into the fetal position and sticking my thumb in my mouth, I began a search for the cause of these challenging days.fm15_fullmoon[1]

I started with prayer, had trouble concentrating and wasn’t sure my prayers were getting through. I moved on to silence and journaling, both with lackluster results. Then while performing internet research, I happened upon an article related to Blue Moon.

Apparently in July, we had two full moons, an event that happens rarely, like every two to three years. When this phenom happens, the second full moon of that month is called a blue moon. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Once in a blue moon.” It is this occurrence that birthed that phrase.

While a blue moon is a grand event, celebrated and tracked worldwide, its true significance isn’t the color (oddly enough the moon isn’t even blue during that period) or its frequency or the month in which it appears. The important fact is that the moon is full and a full moon (whether blue or not) has an effect on humans.

Well of course it does. If the moon (full or otherwise) has enough power to control the tides then it makes sense it would have some type of effect on us. I turned to other links and articles on the subject and learned that a full moon tends to usher in heightened actions; more vivid, creative thoughts; and more pursuits and opportunities.

Okay, I could testify to all of those effects. Days before the blue moon and until recently, I rose from sleep with great ideas for our upcoming Halloween and retreat programs. I was driven to lock in speakers and events for 2016, and I was clear about marketing actions I needed to take. Finally, I was very focused on my daily to-do agenda, and new opportunities kept popping up like Whack-A-Moles.

However, the occasion of the full moon or Blue Moon didn’t explain the temporary but recurring headaches I had had; my intense impatience with people and situations; the energy drains and mental fugues that had dogged me; and the irritating mechanical breakdowns I’d experienced. I suppose it’s possible the full moon was responsible for those conditions as well. After all, there is a shadow side to light, right? …a negative to position. But because I’m not quite ready to blame these downers on the full moon, I put a plan in place to see if there’s linkage. So here’s my plan:

Starting on Thursday, August 27th, I am going to record any weird things that happen like headaches (which I rarely get); printer issues, phone screen blackouts, or computer lags; missteps in communication or planning; etc. I will continue recording until two days after the next full moon, which happens on Saturday, August 29th. Why two days after? Experts claim the effects of a full moon begin two days prior to (which I can testify to) and end two days after its appearance (which I cannot testify to. I didn’t start experiencing relief until a week after the blue moon, and then not even full relief but a lessening of symptoms which made it easier to get out of bed and smile). After the 31st, I am going to compare the two periods and see what the comparison shows me. Luckily for me, I journal most of the time so I can also review my journal entries between full moon periods and glean awareness from it as well. I know my study will not win first place at the Science Fair. I know it isn’t an apples to apples study with all conditions being the same. But it will give me some idea of what to expect during future full moon periods, what’s happening between full moons and maybe even offer insight into other possible causes of those terrible, horrible, no-good days I had. Fingers crossed.

And lucky you (ha! ha!)…if you so choose, you’ll get to read my summary, which I plan to share in my next blog titled…yep, you guessed it, Full Moon Report #2. In the meantime, I am going to pour another glass of wine and toast to the pleasantness of today.

Happy Full Moon to You!