My Acceptance Speech

The totally awesome and completely fabulous Shehanne Moore chose me for the EPICALLY AWESOME award! Woo-hoo! Claps! Cheers!

Epically Awesome

Thank you, Shey for the acknowledgement. Truly, I am smiling like the cat who slurped all the cream.

In accepting this award, I agreed to answer a few questions so others in the blog-o-sphere might learn a bit more about me. I also agreed to recognize five other bloggers who in my opinion are Epically Awesome. But before I unveil those five…

What made you choose your current blogging platform? When I first decided to start my blog, I checked out several writers’ forums and the overwhelming recommendation for a blogging platform was WP. So here I am.

Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog? I am a writer, author, blogger, reader and world citizen. I enjoy writing novels, novellas and short stories the most. Blog posts, articles, social media content and marketing materials come in second…a distant second. My blog reflects three of my favorite interests:  reading, writing and spirituality. Seems like complementary topics until you get to the third one. But I think some might be surprised to learn how fundamental spirituality is to creative pursuits.

Are you a once-in-a-while blogger or a daily one? I started as a weekly blogger but I am now juggling four major writing projects as well as two writing-related organizations. That workload forced me to scale back to blogging once or twice a month. I really hope I can jump back on a weekly schedule later this year.

Do you wish to publish and if so, what type of book? I am published. Yeah!!! Both traditionally and self-published and it was an adventure following both paths. I traditionally published in romance but switched years ago to paranormal and mainstream fiction as a self-publisher.

What is your favorite thing to do besides write? Read. Read. Read…and movies, of course.

Thanks again, Shey for the opportunity to share with you and others. I had fun answering the questions and now for the five bloggers who I think are Epically Awesome…

Pam Fields – who is epically awesome because she works hard every day to promote understanding, love and acceptance of all people. This is especially important in a world where hatred kills every day.

Faith Simone – who is epically awesome because she is totally transparent and honest about her writing journey and I love her for that.

Lizzie Newton – who is epically awesome because she reminds us that it’s okay to embrace our dark side. Really, it’s okay.

Annette Rochelle Aben – who is epically awesome because she reminds us help and love is as close as a prayer (thank you angels!).

Carol Balawyder – who is epically awesome because she is so pure and giving, a model writer and a great human being (wish there were more of her).

They (if they chose to accept…cue the Mission Impossible theme music) will recognize the blogger who nominated them, link back to the nominator, post the graphic of the award, and answer the questions above. I hope the above EPICALLY AWESOME bloggers accept because I would love to read their answers and learn even more about the wonderfully epic people they are.

Have an awesome and epic week, one and all and happy summer!

11 thoughts on “My Acceptance Speech

  1. You are a world citizen and a wonderful lady. Loved your answers. The furry dudes do too. And thank you for your kind kind words. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • My pleasure, Shey, and thank you!!! Big kiss and hug to the Dudes. I thoroughly enjoy their shenanigans and horseplay, their songs (ahem) and writings. Such talented, little devils…I mean creatures. Have a super relaxing weekend.

    • Well, thanks, Debby! Appreciate that and same to you–very good company indeed! The support you provide to others along this writing journey is very much appreciated. Thanks for helping to keep us all strong!

  2. This was so wonderful to learn more about you, Ann. I am eager to read more of your writings and especially liked what you said about how fundamental spirituality is to the creative process. I find this very interesting and hope to read more about this. (hint…hint).
    Thank you, Ann, for thinking I am epically awesome. 🙂 Although I recognize the honor of being in the same company as the other epically awesome bloggers, I will have to decline. I am overloaded with work right now. I hope you will understand.
    Thank you also for your very kind words about me. ❤

    • Completely understood and yes, first things first – work, writing deadlines, commitments. No problem, I totally get that. I am smiling about your hint…hint! I have been giving that topic some thought but those thoughts have not come together quite yet. I think I’m going to need a long weekend in the country to work on that piece. But, thanks for the hint. You made my day! Have a great weekend of R&R!

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