New Year, New Book

It feels good to start the new year with an accomplishment and that’s exactly what the release of “Voices from the Block” is…a major accomplishment.




I was heavily involved, along with three other writers, in bringing volume two of “Voices” to life, and I can honestly say that even with my first self published book in 2013 (with a high learning curve to overcome) I never encountered so many delays and production issues. It’s like Mercury Retrograde shadowed this book its entire twelve months of production. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. But, finally, it is here!

Like volume one, volume two of “Voices from the Block” is a compilation book of poems, short stories, creative non-fiction essays and for the first time ever – fiction starts. “What is a fiction start?” you ask. A fiction start is a way for an aspiring author to showcase a work in progress by publishing the first few scenes of their fiction novel in an anthology. This allows the author to garner readers and build interest in the story even while it is in the draft stage. Basically, it’s a tease!

In this volume of “Voices,” readers will encounter four new writers, all members of the Writers’ Block. As well, three veteran writers/members have returned to put their stamp on the project. In spite of the production issues, I am extremely proud of this collection. As Toyette, one of the co-authors in this work said, “It just keeps getting better and better,” and I couldn’t agree more. There are some really strong pieces in this anthology and the feedback from early readers has been amazing. If you’d like to check out the first few pages of the book and judge for yourself, click on one of the links below.



In March, I plan to spotlight some of the writers whose works appear in this anthology. Please stay tuned to learn how they kept the vision alive. And now…on to the next goal of 2017–write, write, write!

12 thoughts on “New Year, New Book

  1. Congratulations Ann! I can so relate to mercurial delays. 2016 did a number on so many of us in so many ways,. . technologically, it was an ongoing menace! I had my own delays because of those same forces in mid fall when my book was planned to be born in late August. Just breathe! 🙂

  2. CONGRATS. I think 2016 was a bloody awful year that way, like it had to sink its claws in and drag us down but look how this one has started. So thrilled to see this is here for you and everyone involved. I will be well ordering my copy. I have my eye on a few collections of writing that I fancy reading. This is one x

    • Thank you Shey, always for the support and well wishes. I am encouraged by this new book and as you advised, am taking it as a good sign that this is our year! Thanks again for supporting me with a buy and read. I greatly appreciate it. You’re my shero!

  3. This is a wonderful way to greet the new year, Ann! You are way ahead of the gang. 🙂
    Hope it is a wonderful, peaceful and healthy year for you and yours! 🙂 ❤

  4. Congratulations on accomplishing this wonderful anthology book. I love the idea of short stories, teasers, poems and beginning chapters of soon to be published books. Collaboration is an excellent form of communication, Ann. 🙂

    • Thanks, Robin! I agree that collaboration is a good thing, and this was a total group project. We each took a publishing responsibility–cover art, file conversion, editing liaison, typesetting, etc.–and carried it through to completion, learning more about the process and ourselves as a result. This month we celebrate the release of the book with two great events, and I do mean celebrate!

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    • Carol, you are so amazing! Thank you for “getting it.” Sometimes readers are not able to move past the grit in my writings to pick up the real message. But not you; you always unearth the “aha!” But really that’s no surprise given the depth of your own writings. God bless you for your support. I appreciate you!

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