You Can Dude It!

One night at dinner, I sat beside my nephew, who was two-years old at the time, and thought I’d help him eat his spaghetti. I picked up his fork but when I began twirling it in the mound of pasta, he very aggressively took the fork from me, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I can dude it.” Even with his two-year-old speech in development, I and the rest of the family clearly understood that he aimed to feed himself, which he did.

Okay, now hold that story in your head… I promise it has a place here.

Recently, I launched this site and heard from many family members, friends and associates who shared so many kind words with me. And while I appreciate all the beautiful remarks and sentiments, one comment in particular made me pause.

In short, the comment credited me with “being courageous, using my talents and never giving up on my dream,” and ended with the notion that not everyone can achieve. After considering the comment I was surprised to feel a burning in my chest which signaled anger. But, why was I mad? I thought about that all day and discovered my anger boiled down to us, humans. Why do we sometimes feel that accomplishments are bestowed only on the “talented tenth?”

Because that is so not true.

I am not one of the talented tenth. I am not above any other. I do not have extra brain cells. Nor do I have a stronger link to God than anyone else. The only reason I’ve been able to “use my talents” and showcase my stories to the world is because I am operating in my life purpose.

When I started this life-purpose journey, the first thing I did was fast and pray with the intent of hearing from God the designs He had for my life. After a week of seeking God, He answered very clearly, “Your ministry is writing.” To this day, I have not forgotten that writing is my life’s purpose. Writing is what I am here to do. To do anything else would be equivalent to slapping God and me in the face, and yet that is what I did for many years before I finally convinced myself, “I can dude it!” Soon after embracing that belief, I grabbed my fork (the equivalent of belief in my life purpose) and jabbed it in the plate of spaghetti (the equivalent of giving up the security of a bi-weekly paycheck) with the intent of feeding my purpose (writing and all that goes with it, including launching this site).

And guess what? If “I can dude it,” you can too! You can do that thing that God designed you to do. Don’t know what that thing is? Ask Him; He knows. He is after all the One who created you, and He is so eager to share His plans for your life.

Don’t forfeit another day of your life’s purpose. Seek God. Learn your life purpose, and firmly plant it in your heart and soul. Then, dude it.

It is not my intent with this post to put anyone on blast, but I truly feel these words need to be shared. If you’re offended, my apologies. Charge it to my desire for everyone to live a purposeful life.

11 thoughts on “You Can Dude It!

  1. That alone is very powerful and a Blessing to those that receive it, as I did and do…….

  2. Ann,
    I know you can dude it. I’ve seen you even when you were very young dude it. At that time we had two ladies named Ann in our office. We added Little Ann for you as you were much smaller in size. But you have proved that you are plenty big in gumption. I will have to drop that Little from your name and you will be just Ann from now on. Your writing is very good. I purchased the book that you had on Barnes and Noble for my nook. Not that I am planning to write a book or anything. Just because you wrote it. I’m very proud of you and look forward to your new book.
    Have a Blessed Name!
    Love, Marion

    • Thank you Marion. Back in the SSA (Social Security Administration) days, I had no idea this would be my life’s path. I thought for sure I was headed to the courtrooms as a lawyer, defending the rights of the disenfranchised and the wronged. But even though my original career plan did not work out, I am glad that His plan for us to meet and unite at SSA took hold back then and has held tight for 32 years. What a blessing you’ve been to me, sharing updates on the staff and giving encouragement, support all these years. Thank you and may His blessings overflow in your life.

  3. So truly inspirational. I’m proud of you sis. After a rough week last week, I am encouraged that I can dude it too.

  4. Such a real and amusing story! Thanks for sharing! I’ve had those words spouted at me many times from my children when they were small. Isn’t it amazing how we allow the challenges in our lives over the years to bully or even steal or desires “to dude it?” Ann, you are no longer working with the Social Security Administration (SSA); defending the rights of the disenfranchised and all those that have been wronged. But, you my dear are still very much an advocate (and a good one I might add), for those who may have gotten a little lost in life’s shuffle and had their dreams trampled by life’s challenges. It’s so much God that our journey’s take us to places (jobs, relationships, i.e.,) where we are seeking to fulfill purpose and we think this is it! Later we realize that these contacts were wonderful stepping stones that caused us to arrive to a greater call and fulfillment.

    I’m not at all surprised that you had a little burning about the comment you mentioned in your post. As advocates when we see anything that resembles an injustices or inequalities it burns inside, doesn’t it? A lack of purpose can definitely contributes to one feeling unequal. Purpose never dies but it can lay dormant until the demise of an individual. It takes a shaking from one who is fulfilling purpose to shake us up a bit! One of my favorite speakers, Pastor Miles Munroe says that ignorance of purpose does not cancel purpose. Keep advocating– there are dreams that need to be revived and so many more powerful stories for you to write! Purpose gives birth to peace and prosperity! Congratulations on your latest book! I can’t wait to read it.

    Much Love,

    • Thank you Reba for sharing such enlightening comments. You said it perfectly and I LOVE that statement “purpose gives birth to peace and prosperity!” I’m posting it near my computer. Many blessings!

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