In Gratitude

During this Thanksgiving season and every day, I am grateful for…

…the time a church member talked to me like I was lower than a snake because that taught me to think about the words I use and how I talk to others.

…the time a co-worker called me stupid because that forced me to look beyond the surface of her anger to see her hurt and pain.

…the times I did wrong (whether intentional or not) because that taught me consequences and payback is real.

…the time a client refused to pay my invoice because that taught me why some people stay at the same financial level year after year after year.

…the time a relative called me crazy because that let me know I was on the right life path.

…the time Christians treated me unfairly because that showed me Christians are greatly flawed too.

…the time my boss called me an idiot because that showed me how deep my courage flows.

…the time my sexual harassment claim was laughed at because that taught me God can exact justice far better than I.

…the time a tornado funneled my way because that taught me to pray for peace in all circumstances.

…the time I lost my house and car because that taught me there’s no failure in starting over.

…the time a stranger changed my flat tire because that taught me the law of reciprocity.

…the times I have been late for appointments because that taught me God’s timing is perfect.

…the times my plans did not work because that taught me I wasn’t dreaming big enough.

…the times I had zero money in my purse and bank accounts because that showed me God’s creativity in meeting my needs.

…the times I gave financially even when I didn’t want to because that reminded me “it is better to give than to receive.”

…the times I’ve been cursed, threatened, talked about, ignored and abused because that forced me to mature emotionally.

…the time I gave up a steady paycheck and benefits because that taught me the price of freedom.

…the times a person exited my life because that forced me to seek out the lesson they left for me.

…the time I had a major health scare because that made me more conscious about what I put in my body and how I treat my body.

From pain and hurt grow beautiful life lessons. What are yours?

4 thoughts on “In Gratitude

  1. that is something too really put in our heart and mind, I know I did…
    that is way too deep too let it pass on but through it all God hands the upper hand in it all…

  2. Ann, You are so ON TRACK with your gratitude learning. For without our journey of looking inward to see why we attracted these lessons, we stay mired in the “I am right” or “I got hurt” ego thinking. Your thoughts here reflect a heart & soul full of wisdom and the energy of empowerment. If in the end, only the truth remains, your eyes are seeing the truth. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Beck. You know I learn from you every time we talk, laugh or whine (still on that spiritual jourrney). So glad you’re in my life and in my corner.

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