2017 in Numbers

The American New Year started January 1, 2017. The Chinese New Year started January 28, 2017. The astrological new year began March 20, which also coincided with the first day of Spring. What all these dates and “new beginnings” tell me is this is the perfect time to share a forecast for 2017. Yeah, I know some of you are saying, “she’s late.” I say, “not.” Only recently have I started feeling like I was finally out of the clutches of 2016. Only recently have I started feeling like a change is happening. Like I have a new sense of confidence, of hope and joy. It feels good to finally shake the severity of 2016 and smile more, laugh more, be more. I attribute this newness to the new year–regardless of the date it actually started.

So on to the 2017 forecast, a year that I’m sure will be like no other. Let me start by saying, I am by no stretch a forecaster. But lucky for us, I know one who is:  Cindy L. Herb. Cindy is a numerologist. She has studied numerology for over 30 years and knows it better than the backs of her hands.

 Cindy Herb

Cindy L. Herb – Numerologist, Author, Friend

When I asked Cindy to write a short post for me about 2017 and what to expect, she so lovingly agreed even though she no longer consults or counsels with individuals or companies on numerology. She only asked one thing of me…be sure to add a disclaimer informing readers this is a forecast only, not a done deal. Freewill and one’s own attitude is as forceful as the universal energies. So remember, how this year plays out rests with you and your heart!

Year 2017 Numerology Energy Vibrations

by Cindy L. Herb

Every year has a specific ‘Universal Year’ number associated with it, giving everyone the dominant general trends for the coming calendar year. In addition, all numbers exert vibrations from both aspects of our world, light and dark. Therefore, in any Universal Year you can expect to see both the constructive and destructive meaning of numbers. Since we all have choice, it is up to you to bring forward those traits you wish—either the constructive side, the destructive components or a combination of both.

The 2017 calendar year is a 1 Universal Year in numerology. Whereas 2016 signified a time of death of the old, 2017 is new birth. This year marks the beginning of a new 9-year Epicycle in numerology. Therefore, you will have more determination and self-confidence. Use this energy, as the things you do this year will affect the next nine years. So be decisive. Now starts a time of new things and major changes. So, if you have wanted to change careers, improve your health, retire or change directions in any way, now is a good time to begin.

Set new goals and begin the process of working towards them. Plan, have a clear vision and direct yourself with strong drive in order to achieve those goals. Look at 2017 as a year of opportunities. Do not worry if it takes a few months to get things rolling (especially since we are still in the shadow of 2016). Therefore, you may be more emotional within the first 3 months. However, if you stay focused, keep a clear head and are organized, things will work in your favor.

You can expect the following monthly highlights for 2017:

January: Emotional month as the energy of 2016 is still around conflicting with the new energy of 2017.

February: Events inspire creativity and optimism, as well as need for adaptability.

March:  Focuses on hard work, progress and opportunity. A time to set the foundation for plans.

April: Brings changes and the unexpected (such as career or residence), requiring more flexibility.

May: Concerns relationships and all affairs of the heart. Responsibility and home are featured.

June: Inward soul searching leaves you more serious and less social.

July: You will begin to see fruits of your hard work. This begins the best couple of months of the year to increase finances and career.

August: A time to let go of things no longer necessary in your life, making room for the new. It could mark the end of a certain era of your life.

September: Could be an emotional month, especially if you have waited to take advantage of the energy this year provides, NOW is another big opportunity to begin new projects. This month highlights heightened confidence, independence and individuality.

October: A time to work in the background, using an indirect approach.

November:  You may start to see your plans taking a more concrete form.

December: Finishing the year with a final push towards the goals set at the beginning of the year.

Copyright Statement: This article was written by Cindy L. Herb and may NOT be reproduced on any related website without express permission of Cindy L. Herb. Copyright 2017 Cindy L. Herb. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Didn’t I tell you she was great? I love her dearly and appreciate her more than words can express. I hope you were encouraged by Cindy’s knowledge and wisdom. Write to me throughout the year and let me know how things are going for you. And I promise to do the same via this channel. In the meantime, if you’d like to read more about Cindy and her amazing journey to becoming a numerologist, check out her book “Awakening the Spirit:  The Open Wide Like a Floozy Chronicles” by clicking here.



Make it a GREAT 2017!


June is Black Music Month

Every June we turn the spotlight on black music and black musicians in observance of Black Music Month. This June it’s especially meaningful to recognize the contributions that African-Americans have made to the music world. Why? Because of the recent death of Prince and the great legacy he left for us. It’s reported that Prince left scores and scores of unpublished music that his estate will have to sort through and release at will. This in addition to the extensive treasury of songs and films he’s already shared with the world.

Where were you when you heard of Prince’s death? I was in a writing class and the instructor had just given us a writing prompt. The room was silent except for the scratch of pens on paper. Heads were bowed and foreheads crinkled in concentration when the instructor, a noted journalist and HUGE Prince fan read a text about Prince’s death. She cried out and that was the end of class and the end of a great musician. This happened on a Thursday.

Prince’s death took me back to another Thursday when I learned of Michael Jackson’s death in June 2009. That was another shocking newscast that immobilized me for hours. I remember friends and relatives calling but I don’t remember what we talked about. Which was the same with Whitney Houston’s death in February 2012. Her death was the hardest hitting of the three because she was my favorite. I loved to see her perform. She was so passionate and sincere. Her voice, her style, her presence, her smile…all amazing!

But let me get out of my heart for a moment and into my head. I have a dear friend who is a numerologist. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you already know about Cindy. Cindy has studied numbers, patterns and the spiritual significance of such for the past thirty years, and is quite the expert. I, on the other hand, have a very rudimentary knowledge of numerology but let me share a little bit of what came to me as I pondered the deaths of Prince, Michael and Whitney (for how could one not think of them collectively?).

Michael died first in 2009. Three years later, Whitney died. The number of years between the deaths of Michael and Prince was seven. In the spirit realm, the numbers three and seven both represent completeness. Cycles completing (God created the heavens and earth in seven days); the beginning and the end connecting (Father, Son and Holy Spirit); closing one door, opening a new one (the seven year itch). So we have three mega talents dying within a seven year period. What that tells me is we’ve completed a cycle. Again, I’m not the expert but I’m pretty sure Cindy and other numerologists figured this out and saw it coming after Whitney’s death. They may not have known the “who” but surely the “what” (an iconic death) and “when” (the year) and were therefore less shocked than the rest of us.

So now I’m back in my heart and thinking I need to end this with how I started—a focus on Black Music Month and Prince. Below is a link to one of my favorite Prince songs. I present it, along with my loving thanks to Michael, Whitney and Prince for so many hours of pleasure, in honor of Black Music Month.

When Doves Cry

And to all black singers, musicians, songwriters, producers, composers, and engineers…thank you! A million times THANK YOU!!

Let There Be Peace

A time-honored song begins with the lyrics, “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” We sometimes get off track with ushering in peace because it seems like such a lofty goal, an unattainable one. But recently, I was reminded by Doreen Virtue that peace on Earth begins with me and once I have mastered inner peace, peace naturally radiates outward to others—friends, families, communities, countries, and eventually the world. Even during this time of worldwide conflict, inner peace is possible. It can be achieved through meditation, yoga, prayer, a focus on the heavenly things (kindness, love, cooperation, unity, etc.) and a willingness to take our hands off the controls.

I challenge you during this time of unrest, wars and senseless killings to try this:  before you hop out of bed in the morning, close your eyes, take ten deep breaths (try to keep your thoughts at bay by focusing on the black and white kaleidoscope playing out behind your closed eyelids), listen to the sound of your breath as it enters and exits your body, then make a quick statement such as, “This will be an amazing day” or “Thank you God for this pleasant day” or “In all situations, with all people, help me to act and think like you God” or “Help me to relax and go with the flow.”

As an experiment I tried this short practice for a full week and it made such a difference in my attitude and in my day. The days went smoother. I felt calmer and happier. I was productive and in the evening when my day finally wrapped up, I felt peace, and I felt as light as air. I will confess…once the experiment ended, I fell into bad habits again, rushing out of bed, reviewing the day’s agenda in my head before sleep had fully dissipated, letting plans and deadlines wake me and spur me into action. But I am striving to get back fully on track, to take that much needed five minute break before the demands of life snatch that precious time away. And if I’m not successful at day’s start, then for sure on my mid-day break.

Join me now in listening to this beautiful song, “Let There be Peace on Earth” as sung by the Harlem Boys Choir.

Harlem Boys Choir Let There Be Peace on Earth

God Is

I took a one month respite from blogging and social media to dig deep into a fictional writing project and when I returned to the real world…

  • terrorists had bombed Paris, the city of love
  • Syrian refugees were being turned away like Mary and Joseph
  • more incidents of gun violence in several American cities
  • etc., etc., etc.

The news of the day made me wish for the safety of the fictional world I had just left. But I, like the rest of humanity, am made of stronger stuff and so I, like the rest of humanity, shook off the shock, said a prayer, and resolved to carve a better way for all.

Soon after making this resolution, I traveled to Oklahoma City and with extra time on hand, stopped at the bomb site there (see photos below). In April 1995, a domestic terrorist drove a vehicle weighed down with a bomb into the federal building. A day care was on the first floor of that building and at final count, 168 men, women and babies perished.

I stood on that precious ground, thinking about that day and current news, and the following words came to mind.

“Another city ripped apart by bombs
Another mess of broken hearts and angry souls
Vengeance, retaliation, murder in return
I am familiar with the cry, circa 1960s

But, don’t

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord

His words drowned out by fear, hatred, pain
As people mobilize guns, drones and WMDs
Killing with kindness is out

God is love is out
God is my refuge is out
God is my strength is out
Leaving no room for…God.”

It is human nature to want to hurt when hurting, to obtain justice on our own, to give as we got. As an African-American living in a country that doesn’t count us all equal, I understand this nature. Which is why at this holiday time, during these difficult days of strife, it is important to focus on God and the promises of old.

God is my comforter. God is my very present help. God loves me, you, the whole world. God is God, all by him/her/itself. God is…

Lead With Love

On June 25, we observed the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Five years after his passing, his legacy remains intact; that legacy in my opinion being:  lead with love.

Michael Jackson 2Despite what we may think about his personal life, Jackson’s message in several songs serves as a reminder of that which is greater than any vice or victory. LOVE! Love of God. Love of Mankind. Love of Self.

Click on the links below and listen to two of his legacy songs: Man in the Mirror, my personal favorite, and We are the World, a humanitarian fundraiser really that features many of the most amazing songbirds on the planet.Michael Jackson 1

After listening, ask yourself as I did, “Do I lead with love in all situations, all circumstances, with all people?” Hmmmm…oh boy, there’s still work for me to do.

Sending you love, Michael! red-hearts-in-3d-1134893-m


Working Your Mission

Some people call it purpose, others term it a calling. Lovenia and Evelyn call it a mission. These two ladies are the founders of Working Your Mission, an inspirational/motivational company that encourages people to identify their passion, purpose, calling, mission or whatever term you use to label it, and then work it until it becomes their livelihood.

This is a topic that is cradled in my heart. I feel very strongly about people stepping out of their comfort zone to embrace that for which they live and breathe. I talk about this in depth with Lovenia and Evelyn, and you can listen to our conversation by clicking on the Working Your Mission link.

If you have a mission that you’ve been thinking of shaping into a business, or if you need to be sustained as you work your mission, or if you just want to pick up some really wise words of instruction, then you’ll want to subscribe to Working Your Mission. Regardless, Lovenia, Evelyn and I are rooting for you. You can do it!

A big THANK YOU to Lovenia and Evelyn for the great conversation and for working their own mission. God bless you ladies!

A Letter from a Dallas Jail

The observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day dominates the start of every new year. Across the nation, many children and adults of all nationalities, cultures and beliefs reflect on Dr. King’s words and legacy. I, too, have been thinking about his words; more specifically, his written piece “A Letter from a Birmingham Jail” in which he shares his nonviolent approach to change.

In his letter, which he actually wrote in his jail cell, he lists the four steps of a nonviolent campaign. They are:

1. Collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist (data collection, fact-finding, analysis, interviews, document/policy review, etc.);

2. Negotiation (dialogue with power-holders, letters/statement of facts and recommendations, meetings with officials, etc.);

3. Self-purification (preparation of body, mind and spirit to receive divine inspiration); and

4. Direct action (marches, sit-ins, petitions, calls/letters to officials, strikes, boycotts, etc.).

Even though I am not a civil/human rights activist or a strategist, I am a leader. I am the leader of my own destiny, and quite honestly, this leader needs to make some positive, forward-moving, nonviolent changes in 2014. So I sat down at the beginning of the year with King’s Birmingham letter and some vague goals for the year. Applying his four step approach to change, I started with a review of 2013 and quickly discovered it had been an ugly year of personal injustices. I acknowledged wrongs in how I treated some people (reinforcing stereotypes; holding people to typecast) and in how I treated myself (succumbing to jealousy, anger and uncertainty which led to negative, hateful thoughts and feelings). I wrongfully bought into fear (which caused sleeplessness and worry) and focused too much on the future causing me to skip over the present. There were so many injustices coming to mind that I had to shut off the review for fear it would bog me down and keep me stuck in the past, in regret.

I moved on to negotiation and in this step I found I could stomach the results a little better although it too was no ant-free picnic. For I found that I did not always sit at the negotiation table (God’s throne) in full honesty. Instead of telling myself I could do all things through Christ, I leaned on my own limited understanding and only put some of my desires and goals on the table. Also, I didn’t always go to the Ultimate Power Broker with a pure heart. At times, I approached him with a heart full of defeat, ingratitude, doubt and anger. Lots of anger. But thank God He was always pure and honest and willing to meet with me at any time.

Knowing this made me feel lighter in spirit, allowing me to continue stepping through Dr. King’s approach to nonviolent change. Next step, self purification. Like most Christians, I prayed and focused on the Word. Like most spiritual beings, I meditated, recited affirmations, even fasted a time or two. These self cleansing acts always made me feel closer to God. I always felt like I received “a Word from the Lord” even when the word came through other people, songs, readings, Smartphone texts, etc. I always felt great after engaging in whatever self purification step I took, but I struggled with the tie-in to the fourth and final step…direct action.

The point of self purification is to cleanse oneself of ego, fear, greed, and other human conditions so that we can hear from God on what action to take, right? Well, my self purification steps led to a lot of disappointments, a lot of setbacks, a lot of lows; all of this as a result of the direction I had received and taken from God! When I mentioned this disconnect to a dear friend, she reminded me that 2013 was supposed to be a year of challenge, a year of endings, and a year of positioning; that I was right in line with a lot of other people who had suffered in 2013 so that we could experience new beginnings and an enhanced level of spiritual maturity in 2014. Then she quoted that old familiar saying, “Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning light.” (I have such smart friends!)

Thus encouraged and fortified, I sat back with my thoughts and paper and realized that direct action is not always direct. Sometimes God leads us down a crooked path to “mature” something within us (faith, hope, courage, etc.) or to setup the next stage of learning. Sometimes God feeds us one puzzle piece at a time and whereas he is fully aware of the big picture, we aren’t; however, it is our job to trust anyway. It is our job to maintain our spiritual practice and do what he tells us to do even if the results are disappointing (to us, at least).

This was not an easy four steps to roll through. No wonder King and others had a time of it. But I can say that guided by this change exercise and a year in review, I feel good about setting the following goals for 2014:

٠Remove all limits from God,

٠Stay in the present as much as possible,

٠Engage in prayer, meditation, intuitive listening, fasting, journaling, walks in nature and internal cleansing regardless of what my physical world projects,

٠Do what God tells me to do regardless if it makes me look stupid, sound stupid, fall flat, etc.

٠Have fun, play, be joyful and always express gratitude!

Whew! Now I’m ready for the new year. How about you? Are you ready for a year of turnarounds and manifestations? Check in with me periodically and let me know what you’re experiencing in 2014, and I’ll do the same. It’s going to be a GREAT year!

Oh, and one final note…Happy birthday to my friends Joycelyn, Meryl, Willie, Pari, Ingrid, and Maxine who are blessed to share a birthday week with the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

How Can I Raise a King?

A few days ago I attended a Christmas concert and it was lovely; the music, the handbells, the choirs, the costumes and decorations—so spiritual, so moving. There were many songs I knew but a few I had never heard before (and here I thought I had heard every Christmas song). One of the new songs, Joseph’s Song by Michael Card really stayed with me. One line in particular challenged me; it asked quite simply “How can I raise a king?”

Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father asks this question in the song. He is greatly concerned about his ability to raise the Son of God. Initially, I empathized with Joseph, thinking, yeah, what a great burden that would be, what a monumental task to raise one so important. But as I continued to listen the thought occurred to me that every child is the son or daughter of God. Every child is royalty and therefore shouldn’t every parent have this concern? Shouldn’t every parent, regardless of the child’s gender or lineage, ask the question, “How can I raise a king?”

I wonder… If we had more “Joseph-parents,” parents concerned about raising a king, could we finally rid the world of the George Zimmerman types or the type of person who drives drunk and kills four people or the Sandy Hook shooter type or the DC snipers, neighborhood dope dealer, crooked politician, greedy tycoon types? Unfortunately the list could go on and on but we have the means to stop it.

All we need do is show and tell every child from birth up that they are loved, that they are important. That they are unique and have a spot in world history that no one else can fill. We must teach every child how to respect and how to demand respect.

We must engrave the Golden Rule or the Scripture love thy neighbor as thyself on the hearts and in the minds of every child. Every child must be taught to lead with love and shun fear. Let’s teach our kings and queens that the obvious (skin color, hair type, snaggletoothed, etc.) is unreliable so look at the heart instead. Every child should be encouraged to discover their gifting and to have fun not only during the discovery journey but also with their gift.

Can you imagine the change in the world if we were more concerned with raising kings and queens? We could claim more Nelson Mandela types. More Ghandis and Jesus’ and Buddhas and Mother Teresa types. The thought fills me with joy!

So what say ye Josephs and Marys? Dare we start with this holiday season, raising our babies (of all ages) to be true Sons and Daughters of God?

Thanksgiving Blessings – One by One

I’ve had some great challenges and unexpected roundabouts this year. So many shattering events in fact that it caused me on many occasions to question my deepest desire to be a full-time, self-employed, income-producing writer of fiction. With tears in my eyes, on my cheeks, soaking my clothes, I wondered if I should:

1)  continue to pursue my dream or

2)  release the dream.

Every time I faced that decision, the battle between fear and courage, ego and God raged, and at the end of the fight, God and courage always won out. Not because I am such a mighty saint (trust me when I tell you that God is still making me presentable), but because there was something deep inside me that recoiled at the thought of giving up. So after my crying jig and after coming to yet the same decision, I would hop right back on the dream-train and chug-a-lug a few more feet down the tracks. And lo and behold, at the next stop, I was always rewarded with a sign or confirmation from God that I was on the right track, that I was travelling closer and closer to my dream.

So as we approach the Thanksgiving season, I thought it the appropriate time to “count my blessings one by one.” I am sharing them with you because they don’t belong to me alone. They are yours too…if you choose to claim them. No pressure.

Thanksgiving Blessings – One by One

praying hands two

1.   Thank you God for sticking close to me even when I don’t feel your presence;

2.   Thank you God for steadying me when I feel off-kilter;

3.   Thank you God for breaking through my ego so you may impart wisdom and direction;

4.   Thank you God for keeping my spiritual and physical eyes, ears and mind open to                         messages and signs from you;

5.   Thank you God for purpose and the pursuit of it;

6.   Thank you God for giving me the courage to act even in fear;

7.   Thank you God for keeping me on the right track;

8.   Thank you God for my cheerleaders on the sidelines (father, mothers, siblings, cousins,     friends, associates, bosses, aunts, uncles, etc.) who also serve as earthly angels;

9.   Thank you God for allowing me to relax, knowing you have all in your control;

10. Thank you God for the creative ways you give encouragement, hope, love and so much more.

Happy Halloween!

I have a confession to make. I am a Christian who loves Halloween. Okay, maybe love is too strong a word but I thoroughly enjoy it. I admit this because recently a friend commented that she did not like Halloween. She, too, is a Christian and feels that by “celebrating” Halloween, it sends the wrong message to the impressionable and places too much emphasis on the dark side. And she’s not the only Christian who feels that way. This last part I say simply based on the number of churches that now offer an alternative to Halloween.

Well, to each his own I say.

When you have survived a face-to-face encounter with a dark spirit as I have, when you have seen God’s power effortlessly destroy a demonic spirit as I have then the perceived threat or power behind Halloween disappears. Gone is the focus on the occult and dark forces. Instead, the focus turns to fun and enjoyment.

Yep, to me, Halloween is fun. I love riding through certain neighborhoods and viewing the elaborate displays. See the photos below.

Halloween 2

Halloween 3

Halloween 5

I enjoy buying and eating Snickers, Milky Ways, M&Ms, Skittles and the like. (Unfortunately in our neighborhood we do not have trick-or-treaters. There’s just not enough young families. But does that stop me from buying candy and hoping that one year someone will ring our doorbell? Nope!) I really like (when I have time) to drive around Halloween evening, scoping out and rating costumes. The creativity of some of the parents and children is amazing. And then there’s the children’s excitement! They be-bop up and down sidewalks, proudly displaying their costumes, eagerly ringing doorbells and yelling those magical words that produce more candy than any dentist would ever allow. And let’s not forget the homeowners. The tricks they sometimes play on the trick-or-treaters, the smiles on their faces as they give–priceless. And finally, don’t we all enjoy watching Charlie Brown and Linus in the pumpkin patch?

Yeah, okay, so I change my mind. I do love Halloween! One of these years, I am going to have an adult Halloween party and see if we “grown folks” can re-capture some of the innocence and excitement of an adolescent Halloween. We’ll bob for apples, collect for Unicef, pin the tail on the donkey, dance, fish for candy, eat hot dogs, popcorn balls and marshmallow treats, carve pumpkins. What fun that will be. Oh, and yes, costumes will be required!